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Menu changes daily. Checkout our Facebook page for specials.

All Special orders must be made 48 hours in advance as fermentation takes precious time. To put your order in call 406-579-3454. We do not take orders through email. 

All our Breads are made with organic flour from Central Milling and are baked fresh daily. Our stone hearth breads are naturally leavened with either our sourdough starter or it's cousin, the less sour levain. The exceptions are our crusty baguette and fougasse. They are made with the slightest amount of instant yeast and bulk ferment for 24 hours before being scaled, baked and shaped at 3 am every morning. We love our craft and make special breads almost every day. Come check out what's new!

Baguette/ Demi Baguette   bread flour, salt, instant yeast $2.25/$1.00

Seeded Epi Baguette   bread flour, poppy seed, sesame seed, fennel seed, salt, instant yeast $2.50

Sourdough/ Sourdough Roll/ Sliced Sourdough Sandwich Loaf bread flour, starter, salt $5.00/$1.25/$6.00

Maldon Sea Salt and Herb Fougasse bread flour, salt, instant yeast, thyme, rosemary, maldon $4.95

Gorgonzola Walnut Sourdough bread flour, starter,walnuts, gorgonzola, salt $6.00

Whole Wheat  whole wheat flour, bread flour, starter, salt $5.25

Light Country Rye bread flour, rye flour, starter, salt, caraway $5.00

Trail Loaf  bread flour, whole wheat flour, sprouted kamut, sunflower seeds,
pumpkin seeds, raisins, honey, salt $5.75

Miche  bread flour, whole wheat flour, spelt flour, rye flour, leaven, salt $8.00

Sprouted Kamut Levain  bread flour, sprouted Kamut berries, ground flax, leaven,
salt $5.75

Burger Buns  Bread flour, whole wheat flour, canola oil
eggs, butter, sugar, fresh yeast, instant yeast $3.50/4pack

Breakfast Pastries

Orange Pecan Sticky Bun $3.95
Croissant $3.25
Valrhona Pain au Chocolat $3.95
Ham and gruyere croissant $3.95
Croissant Cinnamon Bun $3.25
Seasonal Fruit Cream Cheese Danish $3.95

Apple Carrot Muffin with Seeded Streusel Topping $2.25

Multigrain Blueberry Muffin $2.25

Bran Muffin $2.25

Huckleberry Scone $3.85

Greek yogurt parfait with local honey, homemade granola and berries $4.00

Breakfast Sandwiches
baked egg on a homemade English muffin
black bean, red pepper & feta $4.00
bacon and cheddar $4.50

4” Tarts $4.95  &   9” Tarts $29.95

Fresh Fruit Tart with frangipane and vanilla bean pastry cream
Lemon tart
Valrhona Chocolate Truffle Tart
Seasonal tarts include Chocolate Caramel, Key Lime Meringue, Almond Rhubarb, Apple Brown Butter, Chef's Choice

Layer Cakes! We make 6", 8" and 9" cakes for your special occasions. $25-$42

Cakes: Chocolate, Vanilla Chiffon, Lemon Chiffon, Coconut, Carrot Cake, Angel Food, Ricotta Pound, German Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, & Pistachio

Frostings: Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Ganache, Whipped Cream, Lemon Glaze

Fillings: Lemon Curd, Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Vanilla Bean Custard, Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry or Raspberry preserve

Grandma Mary’s Honey Coconut Macaroon $1.75
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.75
Wild Crumb Cookie $1.75
Seasonal French Macaron $1.95
Sable $1.00
Russian Tea Cake $1.25

Other Desserts

Cream Horns/Eclairs  $3.95
Seasonal Panna Cotta  $3.75
Daily Croissant Bread Pudding $3.50

Ricotta pound cake with lemon glaze $3.85
Mini Flourless hazelnut chocolate cake $2.00
Seasonal Fruit Friand $2.50

Pies  11" price varies $22-$35

Valrhona Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Seasonal Fruit, Holiday Specials


We make a variety of premade sandwiches on fresh bread daily. Available at 10:30am.  

Veggie $6.50

Meat $7.50

Ghost Town drip coffee 12 oz $1.50 16 oz $2.00
Art of Tea loose leaf tea/cold brew tea $2.00/$2.50
Fresh squeezed orange juice $3.75
Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice $3.75

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